As an international family firm, we enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide, just like our parent company, the Gerhard SCHUBERT GmbH.

This is due, not only to the high quality of our products and our innovative strengths, but also to our dealings with customers, business partners and our employees. We place great emphasis on integrity, honesty, ethical and fair behaviour and compliance with the applicable laws.

With this Code of Conduct we expressly commit to our behavioural responsibilities in our business and social environments.

    1 Compliance with Laws

Schubert Packaging Systems represents the principles of legality.

We conduct our business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and we value openness and honesty in our dealings with business partners.

All of our employees are required to comply with the law and all our Company rules and regulations. These Company rules may even exceed legal requirements.

    2 Avoiding Conflict of Interest

Schubert Packaging Systems avoids conflicts of interest.

A conflict of interest exits whenever personal, private interests do not coincide with business interests. So, for example, if carrying on a secondary occupation, a conflict of interest can arise. Therefore, any secondary employment must be declared. Benefits provided by the business must not be used for private purpose without the prior agreement of the Company. If in doubt, consult with us on how to deal with the situation.

    3 Prohibiting Fraud, Bribery and Corruption

Schubert Packaging Systems rejects bribery and corruption and will not tolerate them.

Employees must not break the law and, in particular, must not engage in any fraud, bribery or corruption.

Employees of Schubert Packaging Systems may only accept, or offer a benefit, provided it doesn´t create even the merest impression of having any influence on any proposed or actual decision. When in doubt, such benefits must be reported and discussed with an independent third party, or parties in the Company, as to how to deal with them.

    4 Confidentiality

Schubert Packaging Systemsrespects Data Protection and Confidentiality.

Confidential Company information and trade secrets (e.g. financial data, business strategies and planned transactions) must not be divulged by any unauthorised person, either during or after employment with the Company.

At the same time, we respect the confidentiality of any information from our costumers anf suppliers. When costumers and suppliers share information with Schubert Packaging Systems, it is treated with the same level of confidentiality that we use to protect our own information.

    5 Fair Practice in Business

Schubert Packaging Systems observes the rules of fair competition.

During our history, we have developed together with our parent company SCHUBERT from a regional family business into a global family enterprise. We are committed to fair dealing in a manner fully compliant with applicable competition and antitrust legislation. This includes, in particular, no pricing agreements with competitors and fair dealings in customer and supplier relationships.

    6 Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment

Schubert Packaging Systems respects its Costumers, Suppliers and Employees.

We oppose any discrimination towards persons on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. Schubert Packaging Systems respects and attaches importance to the dignity of each person. We also expect this behaviour from our employees including respect towards each other.

    7 Safe and Healthy Working Conditions

Schubert Packaging Systems has the health of its employees at heart.

We take all measures to avoid health problems and accidents. Our employees are instructed and trained in occupational safety at regular intervals.

    8 Environmental Protection

Schubert Packaging Systems respects the environment.

All applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice are respected and are integrated into our management systems.

We control our emissions; provide correct treatment of waste water and dispose of waste and hazardous substances in a proper manner. Through these controls, we are working continuously towards minimising and preventing pollution.

    9 Quality of our Work

The Name Schubert Packaging Systems stands for Quality.

All our employees are working continuously towards maintaining and improving the quality of our products and processes.

For many years now, we have an active quality management system established in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, which is regularly reviewed and audited.

Crailsheim, February 2015